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War Zone Journalists

In conjunction with VGRM's subsidiary, NXS Media, we work with crew from all over the world in remote, complex & high risk locations, including conflict zones. We are uncompromising when it comes to safety, security and quality. Production houses, broadcasters and news agencies can leverage our vast & global logistics & security capabilities, to access and operate in challenging locations. VGRM's bespoke services are of the utmost quality, regardless of the complexity of the operational environment.

We facilitate & support media productions such as; remote desert and wildlife documentaries, underwater filming projects, reality TV productions, hot zone news coverage & documentaries. VGRM assists with local government liaison and permits, complex logistics, health, safety & environmental coordination, high-risk action scenes, military props and much more.

We consult, advise producers, production crews, script writers and train actors on combat, military and police scripts and scenes for hyper realistic storytelling and polished scenes. Our former military and law enforcement advisors are at your disposal.

Comprehensive planning, executing overseas projects. We facilitate turnkey solutions; location scouting and advances, risk assessments, permits, government relations, local crews, locally sourced equipment, logistics & transport, catering, and so much more.


Our Offering


Risk Management

Media Fixing


VGRM provides bespoke media security and risk management services for medium to high risk destinations, including hostile and conflict zones. Delivered by seasoned multinational security professionals to suit each project and each location. we select team composition for each task depending on location/destination, risk profile, local language and customs and scope of work. Predominantly, we select former military and law enforcement personnel who have previous in-country experience. We also rely on highly vetted local operatives to compliment our security team.

  • Location scouting

  • Country, site advances & risk assessments 

  • Security & risk management planning

  • Contingency & emergency planning

  • Crisis, emergency response & evacuation 

  • Armed & unarmed security personnel

  • Former military & special operations personnel

  • Liaison with local governemnt & security forces

  • Secure ground transport & security trained drives

  • Training for media personnel

    • Hostile eanvironment awareness training HEAT

    • Kidnapping & hostage survival

    • Safety & tactics for chemical & bomb threat response

    • Preparing & responding to active shooter incidents

    • Self defense and survival training

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VGRM facilitates international logistics and transport to and from any destination, worldwide. Providing an extensive choice of aircraft, vessels and vehicles catering to the full range of possible client needs, where no request and no destination is impossible. From solo flyers to larger parties, VGRM offers solutions to suit all client requirements.

  • Evacuation / extraction by land, sear or air from hostile, high risk, and politically or environmentally unstable locations and situations 

  • Medevac Air ambulance

  • Aircraft charter for film and news crews with access to over 5,000 fixed wing and rotary aircraft worldwide

  • Global land, sea and air transportation, including complex and remote destinations

Our attention to detail and bespoke service is applied to all aspects of  travel, offering comprehensive journey management:

  • Airport VIP meet & greet

  • Airport VIP fast-track service

  • Secure local ground transport including armoured vehicles

  • Local close protection & security teams

  • One off trips, regular trips, multiple destination excursions

  • Concierge service, local & international travel arrangements and reservations

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