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With access to over 5,000 rotary and fixed wing aircraft, Vanguard Global facilitates flights to and from any destination, worldwide. Providing an extensive choice of aircraft, catering to the full range of possible client needs, where no request is impossible. From solo flyers to larger parties, Vanguard Global offers aviation solutions to suit all.

  • Evacuation, extraction and evaccuation by air from politically / environmentally unstable situations 

  • Medevac Air ambulance

  • Aircraft charter of organisations and/or sports teams to an event, including between locations 

  • Political election campaigns and governmental / HoS tours

  • HNW global jet charter, including complex and remote destinations

  • High value cargo including precious metals and minerals

  • Hazardous and military cargo


We understand intimately the specific requirements when travelling by private jet. Accordingly, we arrange additional inflight facilities, catering and amenaties to make the jurney for you and your guests as comfortable and pleasurable as can be.​ Our attention to detail and bespoke service is applied to all aspects of private jet travel, offering comprehensive journey management;


  • Airport VIP meet & greet

  • Airport VIP fast-track servic

  • Secure Executive Ground Transport

  • Local Executive Protection & Residential Security Teams

  • Concierge service, local travel arrangements and reservations

VGRM can accommodate all forms of private jet travel; One off trips, Regular trips, and Multiple destination excursions

Whether you are booking for yourself or on behalf of someone else, we can take care of every step of your journey. Our extensive expertise means we are well equipped to deal with any situation should it arise – such as adverse weather conditions – and work through solutions more effectively. 

With access to such a wide range of aircraft, situated across the globe, we are able to take care of any flight for any party size – from transatlantic excursions to island hopping holidays and mutli-destination trips to cross-continent connections.

We are expert at meeting any private travel needs, and are on hand to attend to your request throughout the globe.

With access to a fleet of 5,000 fully licenced aircraft throughout the world – with ranges of up to 15 hours flying time – we provide a worldwide service for our customers. Through our trusted suppliers we charter the best performing and most luxurious aircraft, that can provide for quality air charter solutions for solo travellers through to multi-aircraft itineraries.



We are pleased to provide group charters on behalf of a wide range of customers. The team specialises in providing commercial aircraft for 20 passengers and above, from chartering small turbo-props through to Airbus A380's we are able to assist you. 

Whether you are an oil & gas company conducting crew changes, a sports team flying to your next match or a company arranging your next incentive, you can be assured that the Vanguard Aviation Team has the knowledge and expertise to support you.

Each charter, whether long or short, is handled with the utmost care and attention. We can tailor every aspect of the charter experience to your exact needs and demands. You choose the times you wish to fly, and the airports you wish to fly from, you can even select the catering and brand the aircraft if you like. The Vanguard Aviation Team is here to support you every step of the way to ensure your experience with us is truly memorable​.

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Secure air freight services, including the transport of hazardous materials, defense and military hardware and high value cargo such as bullion/precious metals. Vanguard Global can airlift any cargo, to and from from anywhere, including politically unstable countries. Supported by secure ground transport services your cargo is always safe with us.

VGRM specialises in complex, remote and high risk airfrieght and logistics.



Internationally, airport security programs are governed by rules issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), by the international Conventions and their Annex 17,  and the ICAO Doc 8973 - security manual. On the national level, the designated aviation  security regulator is responsible to transform the Annex 17 requirements onto the National  Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP) which governs the whole civil aviation entities in  the country (airports and air carriers). Vanguard Global will work to ensure that the Airport satisfies these standards.  

Annex 17 and the ICAO Security Manual (Doc 8973) is a comprehensive set of measures to  enhance the security of airports, aircrafts and their users, developed in response to the  perceived threats to the civil aviation industry.  

In essence, the ICAO Security Manual (Doc 8973) takes the approach that ensuring the  security of civil aviation is a risk management activity. The Security Manual also  stipulates that to determine what security measures are appropriate, an assessment of the  risks must be made in each particular case.  

Vanguard Global's approach to compliance is based on working knowledge of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s  (ICAO’s) different conventions and their Annex 17 and subsequent ICAO Doc 8973 Security Manual along with a clear understanding of related aviation security requirements.


Vanguard Global team of specialists represents the diverse security  concepts required to fulfil the mandated requirements, namely:  

  1. Sound security background encompassing aviation security, marine security, industrial security, transportation security, oil and gas security, mine security and  government;  

  2. Governance and Regulatory compliance framework experience;  

  3. Operating knowledge of the aviation industry;  

  4. Understanding of airport operations, engineering and command systems;  

  5. Operational working knowledge of airport stakeholders interface concept;  

  6. Knowledge of the domestic and international terrorist threats;  

  7. Understanding and knowledge of transportation security as an integral part of  critical infrastructure;  

Vanguard Global fulfils the requirements of Annex 17 and Doc 8973. This includes knowledge pertaining to the following:  

  1. Analysis of current security threats and patterns;  

  2. Detection and recognition of weapons, explosives and incendiaries and other  dangerous substances and devices;  

  3. Recognition of the characteristics and behavioural patterns of persons who are likely  to threaten security;  

  4. Techniques that might be used to violate security procedures or to circumvent  security procedures, equipment or systems;  

  5. Methods used to cause a security incident;  

  6. Effects of dangerous substances and devices on structures and essential services; 

  7. Airport interface business practices and airport operation;  

  8. Emergency preparedness and response and contingency planning;  

  9. Enhanced physical security requirements;  

  10. Communications systems, including telephone, radio and computer networks.

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