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Part of the Vanguard Global Group of companies, Vanguard Global Risk Management (VGRM) is the risk management and security arm of the Group, and provides bespoke services to private, corporate and governmet clients around the world.

VGRM is a UK based company with global operational capabilities, accustomed to operating in medium to high risk theatres around the world. VGRM has global reach, extensive operational experience and in-depth local knowledge. 

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The Vanguard Global network includes former multinational, senior-level Military, National Security, Cyber Command, Military Intelligence and industry Executives.

Worldwide, our management has a wealth experience in selecting and assembling qualified teams of multi-disciplinary professionals to engineer and deliver mission support and hands-on training that consistently meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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NXS Media is a UK based digital marketing and communications agency, focusing exclusively on advanced technology, engineering and manufacturing sectors. We specialise in complex business environments that are characterised by large investments, long procurement cycles and multiple stakeholders that affect purchase decisions.​​


NXS Media leverages the capabilities of its parent company, Vanguard Global Risk Management, to offer turnkey international risk management, security, complex logistics and fixing services for the media industry, facilitating productions and securing crews working in remote, complex and even hostile environments.

TSC aspires to be the principal partner of state institutions (Military Forces, Civil Police, State Departments and Agencies) in improving the tactical skills of individuals who are assigned for highly dangerous combat missions through following the most recent tactics of close combat as well as using the world-wide firearms tactics and testing them in the training and combat fields in order to choose the most suitable ones and to reach the best method of training to convey these skills and experiences to the trainees.



Black Mandrake is a Vanguard Global Affiliate Partner, based in Poland.


Transition Securty Academy is a Vanguard Global Affiliate Partner, based in Slovkia.


FOXPEDITION is a Vanguard Global Affiliate Partner, and are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of your team.

The Foxpedition team of experts has over 20 years of experience in the medical and protection industries, providing them with the ​knowledge and skills necessary to provide comprehensive medical risk management solutions.

Highmark is a Vanguard Global Affiliate Partner, based in USA.

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