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Gov & Non-Gov

Military & Police

VGRM sets itself apart form the competition by embedding aerial UAV capabilities within our security operational models. Our security teams in the field are supported by cutting edge drone technology and incorporate mission critical aerial capabilities within our security operations worldwide and provide;

  • Site, incident & emergency advances & reconnaissance

  • UAVs as incident & emergency response

  • Disaster relief

  • Search & rescue

  • Suspect & vehicle tracking

  • Facial and licence plate recognition

  • UAVs are used as an "avatar' by our GSOC, security personnel & emergency response teams whereby they can interact remotely with a situation and the persons involved

As an authorised reseller and agent for a number of leading UAV manufacturers, VGRM's former military and law enforcement UAV experts, VGRM is well positioned to empart a wealth of critical experience and knowledge, ensuring our clients get the very best and most advanced capabilities at the best value for money.

VGRM provides consultancy services advising clients on the most suitable and cost effective UAV tachnology across a spectrum of use cases, including;

  • 3D mapping

  • Solar & wind farm monitoring & maintenance

  • Oil and gas installations, pipeline management

  • Military & law enforcement

  • Agriculture

VGRM is an authorised reseller of AUTEL ROBOTICS

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