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Who We Are

Part of the Vanguard Global Group of companies, Vanguard Global Risk Management (VGRM) is the risk management and security arm of the Group, and provides bespoke services to private, corporate and governmet clients around the world.

VGRM is a UK based company with global operational capabilities, accustomed to operating in medium to high risk theatres around the world. VGRM has global reach, extensive operational experience and in-depth local knowledge. 

Over the years, VGRM has developed an extensive and global network of multi-discplinary stakeholders, associates, experts and operatives. Meticulously cultivated across many nationalities, localities and fields; government, police and national security, military, national security, and corporate, aviation, and maritime security professionals. Creating a wealth of knowledge, combining critical expertise, and bolstering operational capabilities, while adhering to British and international standards.

VGRM supports organisations and investors while navigating foreign markets throughout the world. We not only protect our clients and their overseas assets, we also assist in managing their overall risk profile, while helping to identify and capitalise on the opportunities these markets present.


The Vanguard Global group of companies and branches are all dedicated to these ends. ​


Our network comprises some of the most qualified international experts. Together, we offer our clients a comprehensive and truly global service and can cater to your needs whenever and wherever your business may take you.


No matter how complex the task, the location or the problem, we will get the job done, regardless.


VGRM and its personnel are dedicated to quality work and there is no room amongst us for anything but that.


We never undermine our values, and we diligently look out for our clients' and their employees' best interests.

Core Values



Tim Elabd is a British/Egyptian businessman. Very much a man of both worlds and veteran of the defense and security industries. With  15 years of industry experience, an international operational track record and a phenominal global network, meticulously cultivated and tirelessly maintained, spanning many industries and regions.

A visionary, yet astutely pragmatic strategist and intuitive market analyst, with a keen eye for opportunity. Tim's dogged tenacity and stubborn determination are defining qualities that drive the  Vanguard Global Group's uncompromising approach to operational success.


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Sherif Safa is an experienced and qualified Egyptian Naval Special Forces officer, with progressive responsibilities gained during 20 years in complex missions and warzone assignments within the “Egyptian Naval Special Forces”. Experienced and qualified in Naval Special Warfare Training Field as the “Commanding Officer of the Naval Special Training Wing” for the last 6 years of mhis service with the Egyptian Navy.

Sherif has executed many counter-terrorism operations in the Sinai peninsulai & several live fire battles with terrorists during Operations.

Founder & Chief Instructor of “FOCMA Combat System” in the Egyptian Naval Special Forces for (Hand to Hand Combat, Knife Fighting, Firearms Tactical Shooting, CQC, Law Enforcement Hands-on Tactics) Wrote and Instruct many Courses (Naval Special Forces Basic/Advance, Instructor Trainer FOCMA Combat System, Tactical Shooting, Hand to Hand Combat) for the last 10 years of my service in the Egyptian Navy.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist EOD Naval School FL, USA (demolition handling, identification, recon, render safe procedures and disposal – ground, air, chemical, Navy, and IEDs in Eglin Air Force Base. C-IED Considerations in Maritime Force Protection at NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre Greece.



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Phil Lancaster boasts an extensive career in law enforcement combined with a passion for excellence and an aptitude for recognizing opportunity. As a former British police officer, he brings years of experience working internationally in VIP & diplomatic close protection, as well as service in British Overseas Territories. Dignitaries included British and European royalty and politicians.

As a result of tenure in diplomatic protection, Phil has established an extensive and global network of contacts that range from government to law enforcement agencies and served as an Honorary Police Officer with the UND Police Department. Phil has written several journal articles focused on the future of soft target hardening and innovation along with establishing a Centre of Excellence centered around testing and evaluation of technology aimed toward threat detection and critical incident stress management. 


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