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Specialising in Frontier and Emerging Markets Worldwide

We get the job done, whenever, wherever...

What We Offer

High Net Worth & Executive Protection Globally

Government, Corporate & Industrial Risk Management

Facility & Asset Protection

Secure International Logistics & Transport

Private Military Contracting


Why Choose Vanguard Global

Reliability, Dependability 

No matter the complexity of the operational environment, we get the job done

Bespoke Service

We offer nothing short of excellence, quality and professionalism

Experienced Service Provider

Leverage our global capabilities and secure your interests

Global Reach

We have a proven track record working in complex locations across the globe

FocusPoint International has had the pleasure of engaging the services of Vanguard Global as a trusted vetted partner in our Global operations. Our clients are Executive Level (C Suite) personnel employed by Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies who are traveling abroad. Vanguard Global has provided full protective services including armed Executive Protection agents to support our clients and continues to support our operations across Africa and the Middle East in countries such as Morocco, Ivory Coast, Niger, Egypt, UAE, among several others. Vanguard Global's team of security professionals and their executive staff have always been responsive, flexible, and above all else, very professional. 

Randy Haight COO


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